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The Orillia Silver Band is pleased to announce that Neil Barlow has accepted the position of Music Director. Click here for a picture and bio of Neil Barlow.



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Here’s what John Swartz of the Orillia Packet & Times had to say about the Orillia Silver Band in 2015:

"The (Band's) quality of playing in the past two concerts I've seen have been like night and day under the arm waving of Neil Barlow compared to the already good reputation the band has."
April 23, 2015

"I got to the (Orillia Silver Band concert) in time to hear the last four tunes, starting with Paul Lovett-Cooper's The Dark Side of the Moon (not the Pink Floyd tune). This is a chart no part-time, amateur band has any business playing. It’s too complex for many full-time music groups to tackle. I know this tune well and the Orillia Silver Band played like it could do it in its sleep. Then they sailed through Opus One and Sing, Sing, Sing like they’d been playing it all their lives. Getting four musicians to swing together is not easy, and the Orillia Silver Band was swinging like it was the last time it would ever get to. Then the band pulled out a fairly sophisticated arrangement of 76 Trombones for an encore that I liked."
October 21, 2015

"The Orillia Silver Band has jumped several rungs on the greatness scale this year. I heard several instances of music making by the band I thought I'd never hear in Orillia played by Orillians, not the least of which was its contribution to the Jazz Festival."
December 30, 2015


postheadericon Upcoming Events

October 21, 2016
Rene Caisse Theatre Fundraiser
7:15 pm, Rene Caisse Theatre, Bracebridge

November 9, 2016
Orillia Performs!
7:30 pm, St. Paul’s Centre, Orillia

November 13, 2016
Collier Street United Church, Barrie
10:30 am Service and 2:00 pm Concert

November 20, 2016
Orillia Santa Claus Parade
1:00 pm, Downtown Orillia

December 3, 2016
Coldwater Santa Claus Parade
5:30 pm, Coldwater

December 4, 2016
Sleigh Bells and Brass Christmas Concert
2:00 pm, Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts, Parry Sound

December 17, 2016
Sleigh Bells and Brass Christmas Concert
7:30 pm, St. Paul's Centre, Orillia

Additional dates to be announced soon so check back often!

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